Alex Ocias

Australian Boutique Game Developer


Current Focus

How we feel, how we tell stories on touchscreens. I'm using Unity3D to create stories that show you you're not alone. Using device sensors I connect the real world to the one in your pocket, on a fantasy-Australian landscape.

February 18th 2015
The way we use our phones allows for types of stories we've never seen before - 90 second journeys presented through a portrait view. I believe motion on a touchscreen can feel even better than using a controller, that there's a beautiful physical presence once we push past virtual buttons.

A device in your pocket has data that no other game device does: information about the world around us. I am capturing this information to create meaningful personal worlds. I'm speaking to the urban strife of the 21st century, of loneliness and anxiety, and underutilised inspiration from Australian environments.

Available for work - message me now.

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