The Yearning Tree

The Yearning Tree – New Game Release

A quiet space for you.

The Yearning Tree is a work in Unity3D WebGL. It is free to experience, and can be played in your browser immediately.

Estimated play time: 2 minutes.

Play The Yearning Tree Now.

Download for Mac.

Download for Windows.

Download for Linux.

Chrome (version 42.0.2311.135 and up) or Firefox is recommended, and stand-alone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are also available for a higher fidelity experience. page

A spotlight on a little guy. The tree.Looking at some things.


Mouse scroll to zoom, click and drag to pan.


A Unity WebGL game by Alex Ocias with audio by Stefano Guzzetti.

In the Press

“An enchanting microcosm for our fears and desires” – KillScreen

『個人制作ながらしっかりコンテンツとして成立しているゲームに仕上がっているので、ぜひチェックしてみてください。』 –

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