Unity Pixel Art Camera

Pixel art is a very popular visual style for games, but displaying it correctly in a modern game engine is quite difficult. The look can fall apart aesthetically if not rendered the right way. I want everyone’s pixel art to display beautifully, so I’m releasing a free Unity Pixel Art camera that solves this problem elegantly.

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Simple Framework for Beautiful Mobile Game UI in Unity

Screen design for mobile game UI can be very daunting. There is a very broad range of device resolutions, screen sizes and aspect ratios to accomodate. It’s not viable for independent artists or small teams to design a new visual layout for every screen. Continue reading Simple Framework for Beautiful Mobile Game UI in Unity

Unity Stipple Transparency Shader

Transparency in 3D games is still really tough to get right. You want a shader that is cheap performance-wise, avoids order/sorting issues and works across different platforms/rendering pipelines. Stippling is an old-school solution that works perfectly in most cases. I’ve put together a Unity stipple implementation, which you can download and use however you like. Continue reading Unity Stipple Transparency Shader