The Decorated Box

The Decorated Box – New Game Release

Maybe it’s not so hard to leave after all.

The Decorated Box is a work in Unity3D WebGL. It is free to experience, and can be played in your browser immediately.

Estimated play time: 1 minute.

Play The Decorated Box Now.

Stand-alone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are also available for a higher fidelity experience.

Download for Mac.

Download for Windows.

Download for Linux. page

Waking in the bedroom.No exit.A bathroom?


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move character.

E: Interact.

Space: Jump.


A Unity webGL game by Alex Ocias with audio by Stefano Guzzetti.

One thought on “The Decorated Box – New Game Release”

  1. I’m confused about how to progress in this game. The character was in the bathroom when the cameras released this like smoke thing and the screen faded to black. It faded back in on the character in the bedroom. Then there was a steel grate in the closet and it wasn’t there before.

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