Installation Art

Chinaware Athletes

Three athletes occupy one space and break apart.

Chinaware Athletes 1

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An instrument with two faces: meditation and confrontation.

Teacup 1 Teacup 2 Teacup 3

This interactive touchscreen artwork by digital artist Alexander Ocias comes with no instructions, it is an exploratory work centred on play, colour, sensuality and apprehension.

Turmoil is a part of our lives, but our relationship with it is non-linear. Therapeutic behaviour can overlap with inducement and reflection.

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Interactive and Animated Pieces

In 2008-2009 I put together a number of works for exhibition, since then I've brought the confidence and patience from digital fine art back into my commercial games work.

Animations were prepared using Maya and After Effects, while interactive installations were built using flash.

Concrete Sunshine - 2009

Falling - 2008



Towers - 2009 - Interactive Installation

Quid Pro Quo - 2009 - Interactive Installation

Got a space or exhibition in mind? I can help.

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